Story Map of Ireland (547 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle)

Story Map of Ireland (547 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle)

Created in 1935, this delightfully detailed, colorful pictorial map of Ireland was part of a series of "story maps" produced...
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Created in 1935, this delightfully detailed, colorful pictorial map of Ireland was part of a series of "story maps" produced by Colortext Publications of Chicago in the 1930s and 1940s. It features historical facts about Ireland's significant battles, discoveries, and cultural events. It also provides basic geographic details, including elevations, lakes and rivers, bays, counties, and towns.

The intricate borders and title decorations are drawn from the Book of Kells and the Book of Mac Durnan, both remarkable Irish illuminated medieval manuscripts. There are ships in the oceans — historic vessels and others left uncaptioned — and whimsical touches on the mainland, such as a leprechaun. Captions label landmarks such as lighthouses, castles, and universities.

The surrounding seas also contain small groups of portraits: "Dublin's Sons," "Irish Patriots," and "Modern Bards." In the lower right corner, another such group, "Erin's Heroes," is blessed by a Roman Catholic bishop standing before a Gothic window.

Colortext published many educational books and pictorial maps. The "Story Maps" series also included maps of Europe, Mexico, the United States, and the West Indies, all intended to engage and educate America's youth. They also published illustrated booklets about history for children in connection with the Chicago World's Fair Exhibition in 1933 and 1934.

Our puzzle testers have told us that because of all of the text on this map, it presents a nice challenge, so we have rated it a 3+. Enjoy!

The perfect gift for wooden jigsaw puzzlers, travelers, and map enthusiasts, this traditional adult wooden jigsaw puzzle can be done time and again. Our wooden jigsaw puzzle artists have included many shaped whimsy wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces that match the corresponding areas in the map, and we have integrated them in ways that will delight and surprise you as you put the wooden jigsaw puzzle together. This wooden jigsaw puzzle is perfect for friends and family and comes with a wooden jigsaw puzzle poster for assembly. 

  • Includes a bonus poster to guide assembly
  • Irregular Edge for a Little More Challenge
  • Number of Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces: 547
  • Completed Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Size: 19.5” X 14.5”
  • Artist: © David Rumsey Map Collection
  • Serial #: NP24-547-689
  • Wood Thickness: 4mm
  • Cut Style: Modern
  • Difficulty: Level 3+
  • Made in the USA
  • Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle