Knight Moves (323 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle)

Knight Moves (323 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle)

This wooden jigsaw puzzle image seems to perfectly capture the spirit and frustration of 2020, when we all felt as...
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  • Categories: 21st Century, 301 - 400 Pieces, Autumn, Contemporary, Discontinued - Last Chance, Jacek Yerka, Level 2, New Arrivals, Puzzles For Her, Puzzles For Him, Spring, Summer, Victorian, Winter
  • Type: 301-400 Piece Puzzle

This wooden jigsaw puzzle image seems to perfectly capture the spirit and frustration of 2020, when we all felt as helpless as pieces being moved around on a chess board, but with no logic behind the moves.

But the image also seems to imbue the process with a sense of calm and a brightness around the pieces that give us hope for better days ahead, and a sense that we are truly all in this together.

This image also provides the wonder and fresh perspective that we all need going into a brand new year at the start of another decade. What are the fish in the tree? Why are there red ones on the left and orange ones on the right? Where does the path under the table lead? And why is that clock directing the game?

Jacek's incredible imagination draws us in and makes us long for the calm and focus of a good chess game. It is the perfect wooden jigsaw puzzle to bring you back to sanity after a tough year, and would also be great gift for any chess loving friend.

Or designer really got into the spirit of it too, with some magically shaped whimsy pieces, and also made the connectors into little pawn shapes just to continue with the theme and add more fun and challenge.

The perfect gift for wooden jigsaw puzzlers and Jacek Yerka enthusiasts, this traditional adult wooden jigsaw puzzle can be done time and again. Our wooden jigsaw puzzle artists have included many shaped whimsy wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces that match the theme of the image, and we have integrated them in ways that will delight and surprise you as you put the wooden jigsaw puzzle together. 

  • Includes a Bonus Poster to Guide Assembly
  • Number of Puzzle Pieces: 323
  • Completed Puzzle Size: 11.5" X 11.5"
  • Artist: © Jacek Yerka
  • Serial #: NP20-323-353D
  • Wood Thickness: 4mm
  • Cut Style: Victorian
  • Difficulty: Level 2
  • Made in the USA
  • Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults