Dreaming of Chagall (534 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle)

Dreaming of Chagall (534 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle)

Based in Israel since 1996, Elena Kotliarker paints gorgeous, colorful images full of symbolism and mysticism.Her multi-layered works are a...
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  • Type: 500+ Piece Puzzle
Based in Israel since 1996, Elena Kotliarker paints gorgeous, colorful images full of symbolism and mysticism.

Her multi-layered works are a mixture of the figurative and the abstract and they are characterized by "a rainbow of colors" and incredible detail. She most often creates using acrylics, ink, and oil pastels on canvas, and she is heavily influenced by the work of the modernist Russian-French artist Marc Chagall.

Chagall saw his work as "not the dream of one people but of all humanity" and he was considered one of the pre-eminent European Modernists. He produced many famous, colorful stained glass windows for cathedrals like Reims and Metz, but also for The Art Institute of Chicago and the United Nations. He also did large-scale paintings, including his famous piece for the ceiling of the Paris Opera.

Chagall created his own style of modern art, based upon his background in Eastern Europe and his love of Jewish Folk Culture. His work is hard to label, being considered a mixture of  Cubism, Symbolism, Fauvism and Surrealism. Pablo Picasso said of him in the 1950's "When Matisse dies, Chagall will be the only painter left who understands what color really is".

Having a similar Eastern European and Jewish background, you can see the homage to Chagall in many of Elena's paintings and murals, especially her use of allegory and vibrant color.

She is very successful in creating intense yet dreamlike images, using a complicated and complex correlation of techniques and colors.


The perfect gift for wooden jigsaw puzzlers, and fantasy fans, this traditional adult wooden jigsaw puzzle can be done time and again. Our wooden jigsaw puzzle artists have included many magical shaped whimsy puzzle pieces that match the subject of the painting, and we have integrated them in ways that will delight and surprise you as you put the wooden jigsaw puzzle together.

  • Includes a Bonus Poster to Guide Assembly
  • Number of Puzzle Pieces: 534
  • Completed Puzzle Size: 18" X 13.5"
  • Artist: © Elena Kotliarker
  • Serial #: NP21-534-432
  • Wood Thickness: 4mm
  • Cut Style: Modern
  • Difficulty: Level 3
  • Made in the USA
  • Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle