Downeast (382 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle)

Downeast (382 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle)

The term "Down East" or "Downeast" is typically used in Maine to describe the eastern coastal region of the state...
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The term "Down East" or "Downeast" is typically used in Maine to describe the eastern coastal region of the state from Ellsworth to the Canadian border. The city of Ellsworth is often called the "Gateway to the Downeast and Acadia Region of Maine," which includes Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island, and Acadia National Park.

This was among the last parts of Maine settled by Europeans. Because of its harsher climate, it saw little settlement by the French, and British colonists didn't arrive until French control ended in 1763. Initially attracted by the availability of land for farming, the early British settlers soon started fishing to survive.

"Down East" and "Downeast" are used interchangeably in Maine. But where did the term come from?

During the 18th and 19th centuries, sailors hauled goods to and from the coast of New England. While moving in a northeasterly direction, especially during the warmer months, there was often a strong wind at their backs, pushing them along. This was moving "downwind" in the direction the prevailing wind was blowing. As the ships were also moving eastward, the terms "down" and "east" merged to signify the direction they were traveling in.

The expression evolved further to mean a geographical area that sometimes also encompassed New England.

The Down East Accent is unique and easily recognized even by longtime Mainers. The most notable is how "r's" are dropped in pronunciations. An example is Bar Harbor. It becomes “Bah Ha-bah”. Or, Car becomes "Cah." 

The term "Down East" provided the name for a prominent type of sailing ship developed and built in Maine in the later 19th century, the Down Easter. They primarily transported wheat and other goods from California to European markets. However, their captains often came from the state, so both ships and captains became Downeasters.

This colorful image depicted the glories of Maine was painted by Fred Jellison for the cover of Yankee Magazine, June 1965 edition.

 The perfect gift for wooden jigsaw puzzlers, Maine, Northeast and lighthouse fans, this traditional adult wooden jigsaw puzzle can be done time and again. Our wooden jigsaw puzzle artists have included many shaped whimsy wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces that match the subject of the painting, and we have integrated them in ways that will delight and surprise you as you put the wooden jigsaw puzzle together.

  • Includes Bonus Poster to Guide Assembly
  • Number of Puzzle Pieces: 382
  • Completed Puzzle Size: 11.5" X 11.5"
  • Artist: © Fred Jellison
  • Serial #: NP22-382-512
  • Wood Thickness: 4mm
  • Cut Style: Victorian
  • Difficulty: Level 3
  • Made in the USA
  • Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle