The Scent of a Wooden Nautilus Puzzles puzzle

The Scent of a Wooden Nautilus Puzzles puzzle

Have you ever opened a brand new wooden jigsaw puzzle and noticed a distinct, toasty aroma? That's coming from the wood!

Our wooden jigsaw puzzles are laser cut. The bright beam of the laser cuts a tiny path through the wood to form the edges of each special shaped piece. This allows us to design dozens of intricate whimsy pieces for each puzzle!

Nautilus puzzles are made without harmful chemicals. We use formaldehyde-free birch/bass plywood, archival paper, and soy-based inks and adhesives. Like the smell of a summer campfire, the scent of the laser burning through the wood lingers for a few days before fading.

If you receive a freshly cut wooden jigsaw puzzle that still has a strong scent, we suggest laying out the puzzle pieces on a large cookie sheet to air out. After 24 hours you should be able to enjoy the durability of the wooden pieces, which make your heirloom-quality puzzle a pastime you can enjoy and share over and over again.

Happy puzzling and be advised: These puzzles may be habit-forming!

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