Mini Jigsaw Puzzles by Nautilus Puzzles

Mini Jigsaw Puzzles by Nautilus Puzzles

At first glance, a mini jigsaw puzzle may not seem like much, but they truly pack a punch. Here are a few reasons to consider a mini-puzzle.

A mini wooden jigsaw puzzle can introduce someone to the wonderful world of wooden jigsaw puzzling.  This can pique a puzzler's curiosity and lead to a wonderful hobby, gradually trying larger puzzles.

A mini jigsaw puzzle can be used as a thank you for a friend, teacher, healthcare provider, or good samaritan - the list can go on.

A mini-puzzle can take one’s mind away from the day for the approximately 15-30 minutes it may take to complete.  They are also great for traveling.  The mini-puzzle is small enough to be worked on a train or airplane lap tray, in a hotel room, or at an Airbnb.

A few mini puzzles are nice to have on hand for that forgotten gift, occasion, or a family gathering any time of year Spring Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Our mini jigsaw puzzles range in piece count from 45 pieces (example:  Key To My Heart) to 78 pieces (example:  Sunflower Butterfly).  A good thing to remember with mini-puzzles come smaller pieces so for someone with dexterity issues this may not be the size puzzle for them.  (We also recommend our puzzles for adults and teens over the age of 13 - puzzle pieces are a choking hazard for very small children and may have sharp points)

Our Mini puzzles are small but they will stand the test of time and are meant to be enjoyed again and again.

We have a wide variety of images to choose from found in the Under 100 Pieces section on our website (or using the search feature with the term mini).  There is a little something for everyone.

Happy shopping and happy puzzling!

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Omg these puzzles are AMAZING, I keep doing them all the time, My brother bought me a couple while on holiday best present ever ❤

Mel jones - Jun 01, 2022

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