Puzzling in a Pandemic

Puzzling in a Pandemic

Jigsaw puzzles have always been a popular activity for individuals and families. It wasn’t until our worldwide pandemic hit where jigsaw puzzle sales flew through the roof. This sudden demand for puzzles didn’t seem to surprise puzzle historians, as this was a similar trend during the Great Depression. 

Under quarantine order, families were forced to spend most days inside and build a new daily routine that protected them from the global disease. The global pandemic disrupted our usual schedules, and we would reclean the kitchen just to feel like we’ve done something for the day. The new, unusual quality of the world caused many families to turn to mind-resting activities, such as jigsaw puzzles. 

You control jigsaw puzzles. In a world where you can feel helpless, jigsaw puzzles allow you to feel in control of something again. The appeal of puzzles is that they can be completed on your own time, and you know there is an end to every puzzle; there will be that last piece to fit into place. We are still living in constant worry and confusion as to when this pandemic will end, but jigsaw puzzles allow that little bit of control in your life. 

Along with control, jigsaw puzzles are also a calming activity that can rest the mind. We know how painful it is to feel like you’re living your very own “Groundhog’s Day,” where every day seems the same. Puzzling allows you to take a break and focus on a mindful activity that takes a bit of time away from the world. We encourage you to find a puzzle image that makes you happy and brings you *piece*. 

Puzzling brings the family together. There’s no way you can pass by someone putting a puzzle together and not stop by to see what they’re doing. There is a clear motive for puzzling. If you were unsure how to pass quarantine time, order one of our puzzles today and be engulfed in the world of puzzling.

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